The Bulgarian Geological Society (BGS) was founded on 26 February 1925 at a constituent meeting held at the Geological Institute (Sofia University). The Meeting approved the Society's Statute and elected its first President – Professor Georgi Bonchev.

Statute of the Bulgarian Geological Society

(Adopted in 1925, changed in 1967 and 2001)
The current text of the Statute was adopted by the General Assembly of the Bulgarian Geological Society held at Sofia on 18 December 2001 and came into force on 18 December 2001.

I. General regulations

Article 1. (1). The Bulgarian Geological Society is a voluntary non-profit association that unites the people of the Republic of Bulgaria engaged in the field of geology.
 (2). The Society is supported by membership fees, by sponsor’s contributions, by grants and donations, as well as by publishing and other activities related to the geology.
(3). The Society may carry out an economic activity only in cases if this action is linked with the formally registered objects of the Society activity, and the revenues obtained must be used according to the rules of the present Statute.
 (4). The Society does not distribute profit.

Article 2. (1). The original name of the Society in Bulgarian is: "Българско геологическо дружество" (“Balgarsko geologichesko druzhestvo”), which can be further written in a foreign language as "Bulgarian Geological Society" (English).
(2). The headquarter of the Society is in Sofia with the address designated by the decision of the Governing Board of the Society.
(3). The Society was established indefinitely and its existence is not restricted by time or another condition.
(4). The Society is represented by its governing body, by the Chairman of the Governing Board, who is the President of the Bulgarian Geological Society.
(5). Any written statement on behalf of the Society must contain the name of the Society, its location, address, and details of registration, including the BULSTAD number (Unified Register for Identification of Economic and Other Subjects in the Republic of Bulgaria).

Article 3. The objectives of the Society are:
1. To contribute to the geological knowledge and protection of the geological heritage of Bulgaria;
2. To promote the achievements of its members and the national geology;
3. To develop collaboration with similar organizations in Bulgaria and abroad;
4. To support the development of geological education and advanced professional training in the field of geological and other related sciences as well as in the geological practice;
5. To care for raising the prestige of the geological profession and for protection of the professional interest of the geologists of different generations;
6. To aid and assist the competent government authorities on matters concerning the development of the Bulgarian geology;
7. To be the public corrective of the state policy in the field of geology;
8. To support, represent and defend the interests of its members.

Article 4. To achieve its objectives the Society does the following:
1. Creates divisions in different fields of geology;
2. Establishes branches on a territorial basis;
3. Organizes scientific meetings and other scientific forums;
4. Accomplishes a publishing activity including the journal "Review of the Bulgarian Geological Society", and assists in the publishing of scientific works;
5. Participates in national and international scientific events as well as in joint activities with other organizations;
6. Engages in committees, councils and other organizational forums at state and departmental level on the problems of geology.
7. Keeps an archive and research library;
8. Maintains contacts and book exchange with other organizations in Bulgaria and abroad.

Article 5. (1). The Society can be a collective member of other organizations on the stipulation that the Society retains its legal independence.
 (2). Individual scientific departments of the Society can form autonomous associations and to be members of international organizations in their scientific fields.

II. Structure, rights and obligations of the membership of the Society

Article 6. (1). The membership of the Society is entirely voluntary.
(2). The members of the Society are regular, honorary and collective.
(3). Regular members can be Bulgarian citizens working in or related to the field of geological sciences and geological practice, as well as foreign scientists contributed to the Bulgarian geology.
 (4). As Honorary Members of the Society can be elected prominent scientists and public figures in the field of geology from Bulgaria and abroad.
(5). As Honorary President of the Society can be elected a person with special merits for the development of the Society and the national geology.

Article 7. The Honorary President and Honorary Members are elected by the General Assembly of the Society after a motivated written proposition of the Governing Board.

Article 8. Candidates for membership of the Society submit a written application to the Governing Board.

Article 9. The Society members pay an annual membership fee determined by the Governing Board. The payment is entered in the membership card.

Article 10. (1). Membership in the Society is terminated:
1. with a unilateral volition addressed to the Governing Board of the Society;
2. due to death or under judicial disability; 
3. due to exclusion;
4. because of the termination of existence of the Society;
5. due to dropping out.
(2). Member of the Society can be excluded for violations of the member obligations envisaged in the Statute or because of personal behaviour incompatible with the further membership.  The decision for exclusion is taken by the Governing Board and may be appealed to the General Assembly.
 (3). The dropping out is possible in case of non-payment of membership fees for two consecutive years. The latter is ascertained with a decision of the Governing Board.

Article 11. (1). The Society members have rights:
1. To vote and to be elected to the governing bodies of the Society, and to be informed about its activities;
2. To be elected as delegated to the scientific and public forums;
3. To use the archive, library and all facilities of the Society;
4. To publish scientific papers in the journal and other publishing issues of the Society;
5. To take part in the forums of the Society's activities; 
6. To receive material and financial aid;
7. To be awarded by the Society;
8. To be offered for state awards and titles.
 (2). The members of the Society meet its debts according to the extent of the membership fees provided in the Statute. However, the members are not personally liable for the liabilities of the Society.

Article 12. The members of the Society are obliged:
1. To observe the Statute and the formal decisions of governing bodies of the Society.
2. To pay membership fee, according to the amount and procedure established by the Governing Board of the Society.
3. To participate in the activities of the Society and contribute to the fulfilment of its objectives.

III. Governing bodies.

Article 13. Governing bodies of the Society are:
1. General Assembly;
2. Governing Board;
3. Supervisory Board;

Article 14. (1). The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Society and represents all regular members by delegates authorized by their respective branches of the association. A delegate may not represent more than three members.
(2). The General Assembly is convened by the Governing Board on its own initiative or at the request of one third of the members who live in the place of the headquarters of the Society.
 (3). Convening a General Assembly is by invitation that includes the date, agenda, time and venue of the Assembly. The invitation is published on the website of the Bulgarian Geological Society (, at least one month before the scheduled day, and it is placed on the notice board in the building, in which the headquarters of the Society is registered. By decision of the Governing Board, the invitation may be also published in the "State Gazette".
(4). The General Assembly is legitimate if attended by more than a half of the delegated. In the absence of quorum, the meeting is postponed for one hour later, with the same agenda, and it is held regardless of numbers of attendees.
(5). Each delegate of the General Assembly has one vote.
(6). General Assembly formal decisions are taken by a majority of more than a half of delegates present. Decisions under Art. 15 (1) and (11) are taken by a majority of two-thirds of the delegates.
(7). On matters that are not included in the announced agents, decisions cannot be made.
(8). Every General Assembly meeting should be recorded by a protocol, which reflects all decisions taken and the election results. The protocol shall be signed by the Chairman of the meeting, as well as by the recording secretary and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Article 15. (1). General Assembly:
1. Amends the Statute of the Society.
2. Adopts other internal acts.
3. Elects and dismisses members of the Governing Board.
4. Elects and dismisses the Chairman of the Governing Board.
5. Elects and dismisses members of the Supervisory Board.
6. Elects and dismisses the Chief Editor of the "Review of the Bulgarian Geological Society".
7. Admits and expels members.
8. Elects the Honorary Presidents and Honorary Members of the Society.
9. Takes decisions on opening and closing of branches and sections of the Society.
10. Takes decisions for participation in other organizations.
11. Makes decisions on transformation or termination of existence of the Society.
12. Adopts the guidelines and program activities of the Society.
13. Discusses and approves the budget of the Society.
14. Discusses and approves the Report of the Governing Board, as well as the Report of the Supervisory Board of the Society.
15. Discusses and summarizes the achievements in the fields of geology, and provides guidance for the development of promising directions.
(2). General Assembly decisions are binding on the other authorities of the Society.

Article 16. (1). The Governing Board of the Society consists of 7 persons: President, Vice-president, Secretary, Chief Editor of the "Review of the Bulgarian Geological Society", treasures, librarian and member.
(2). Governing Board members are elected by the General Assembly for a period of two years.
(3). A position of the Governing Board may be held by one person at most for two consecutive terms.
(4). The composition of the Editorial Board is approved by the Governing Board on a proposal of the Chief Editor.
(5). Governing Board members shall be jointly liable for their actions detrimental to the interests and property of the Society.

Article 17. (1). The Governing Board:
1. Plans, coordinates and carries out the activities of the Society during the period between two General Assemblies, according to decisions taken.
2. Administers the property of the Society in accordance with the requirements of the Statute, and shall be liable for it.
3. Prepares and submits a draft budget of the Society to the General Assembly.
4. Elaborates and presents to the General Assembly a report on the activities of the Society.
5. Determine the address of the headquarters of the Society.
6. Makes decisions on all matters which by law or according to the Statute do not belong to the rights of another authority.
7. Satisfies the obligations of the Statute.
(2). Meetings of the Governing Board shall be convened and chaired by the President of the Society. The Chairman shall convene a meeting of the Board at the written request of one third of Board members. If the Chairperson fails to convene a Board meeting, the latter may be convened by any interested member of the Governing Board. In the absence of the President, the Board meeting is chaired by a deputy appointed by the Board.
(3). The Governing Board can take decisions if the meeting is attended by more than a half of its members.
(4). Decisions are taken by a majority of more than a half of the members present.
(5). The Governing Board may take a decision without a meeting, if the protocol of decision is signed without remarks and objections by all members of the Board.
(6). The meeting of the Governing Board are documented by a report which shall be signed by the Chairman, as well as by the protocol person.

Article 18. (1). The Supervisory Board consists of three members, one of whom is the chairman.
(2). The Supervisory Board verifies the implementation of decisions of the General Assembly and the Governing Board, as well as the financial and material accountancy of the Society, for the period between two General Assemblies or when necessary.
(3). The Supervisory Board reports its activities to the General Assembly.

Article 19. The Society organizes its business through scientific sections and branches. The latter are led by one to three members of the Society elected at the relevant meetings of sections and approved by the Governing Board.

Article 20. The managements of the sections and branches draw plans for its activities, which are consistent with the Governing Board.

Article 21. By decision of the Governing Board, commissions or other forms of scientific, applied or organizing functions can be established.

IV. Transformation and termination.

Article 22. (1). The non-profit association "Bulgarian Geological Society" can be transformed into another legal non-profit entity, may also be infused, separated or divided.
(2). After a separation or division, the Society is jointly liable for the obligations arising from its transformation.

Article 23. (1). The non-profit association "Bulgarian Geological Society" can be terminated:
1. By decision of the General Assembly.
2. By decision of the District Court by domicile if:
a) It was not established according to the law;
b) It operates contrary to the law or contrary to public order and the principles of morality;
c) It has been declared bankrupt.
(2). The Court decision was issued at the request of any interested person or the Prosecutor.
(3). The Court can give an appropriate time to remove the grounds of termination and its consequences.
(4). Upon termination by decision of the District Court, the termination shall be entered officially and the Court appointed liquidator.

Article 24. (1). Upon termination, the non-profit association "Bulgarian Geological Society" shall be liquidated.
(2). The liquidation is carried out by the Governing Board or by an appointed person.
(3). If the liquidator has not been assigned under the Art. 2, as well as in the cases of Art. 32, Paragraph 1 (1), the liquidator is determined by the District Court of the Society.

Article 25. (1). After the liquidation, the property remaining after satisfaction of creditors shall be divided equally among the members of the Society.
(2). The property under the Paragraph 1 cannot be distributed, sold or transferred in any way to a liquidator appointed beyond the members of the association, except for payable remuneration.
(3). Persons who have acquired property as a result of the liquidation shall be responsible for the obligations of the Society to the amount of acquisition.
(4). After the distribution of the property, the liquidator must request cancellation of the registration of the Society of the District Court of the association.

Transitional and final provisions

$ 1. The Society has taken over all assets and liabilities of the Bulgarian Geological Society founded in 1925, and have the last re-registration under the Law for Non-Profit Organizations on 2/12/2001.
$ 2. The Society has a round seal with the inscription "Bulgarian Geological Society Sofia 1925".
$ 3. The Society has its own badge and medal.
$ 4. The headquarters and registered office of the Society is: City of Sofia, Metropolitan Area, District "Slatina", ZIP code 1113, Acad. G. Bonchev Str., bl. 24.
$ 5. The unsettled matters of this Statute shall be governed by the Law for Non-Profit Organizations and the applicable Bulgarian legislation.