The mission of Bulgarian Geological Society (BGS) is:

  1. to contribute to the geological studies and protection of the geological heritage of Bulgaria;
  2. to promote the contributions of its members and of national geology;
  3. to co-operate with similar national and foreign organizations;
  4. to enhance geological education and professional growth of geologists;
  5. to promote the prestige of the geological profession and protect the professional interests of geoscientists of different generations;
  6. to support and help the competent government institutions on problems related to the progress of Bulgarian geology;
  7. to serve as a social corrective of state policy in the field of geology;
  8. to support, represent and protect the interests of its members.

To achieve its aims the Bulgarian geological society:

  1. creates sections in different fields of geology;
  2. creates branches based on territorial principle;
  3. organizes scientific meetings and other scientific forums;
  4. publishes the Review of the Bulgarian Geological Society and assists in publishing of scientific works;
  5. participates in national and international scientific and other activities as well in joint activities with other organizations;
  6. participates in commissions, boards and other organizational forms at governmental and institutional level on problems related to geology;
  7. maintains archive and library;
  8. maintains contacts and book exchange with other organizations in Bulgaria and abroad.